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Italian DNA Re designed and thoughtfully bolted to Bespoke Pristine - custom- proprietary components is what we call an Apogee Moto.


Francesca was the moto that started all this Apogee Motoworks fever for Gustavo Penna—a cinematographer who shoots car commercials in Los Angeles. ( now..not so much ) enough talk in third person. I’m a Ducati fanatic who enjoys riding my Ducati to grab a Caffe Macchiato every morning, and whenever I can I go in Canyon carving mode in the beautiful california mountains and roads, Years ago after a track day I arrived home with my 749 and as usual removed the side fairings to give it a thorough clean, that day I decided to remove pretty much everything that was plastic or that was in need of a full polish by hand.... and then

BAMMM... I had a revelation: under the bodywork was a raw and even more beautiful machine. Pierre Terblanche had designed a machine in Bologna that the more naked it got the more it screamed “I’m a naked, high performance italian Beautiful monster.”

After Building 5 of those beauties for a very tight circle of friends and enthusiasts Apogee Motoworks was borne, we want to build the bike of the future a bike with the power of a 1200cc and the weight of a 500cc, we know that lightness is the secret and our goal was and now will always be to explore the creative possibilities within the vibrant world of the

most Iconic and unique Italian Moto, a Moto that caters for those that like me, appreciate the beautiful things in life. An Apogee Moto is a bike that amplifies the mechanical beauty of a Ducati and that packages only handmade Bespoke -Pristine- Proprietary components in a striking thoughtfully designed full package that is not only an amazing visual drama that gets our motos and riders ears filled with... “Wow’s”, but a Bespoke moto that is guided primarily by our golden rule which is { FORM = FUNCTION }.

2,000 HOURS

Two thousand hours of co working with a very interesting and eclectic group of Artisans and craftsmen around the last analog Ducati the Ducati 848 / 1098 / 1198 can give birth to one amazing Bespoke machine. a Machine that is built around an Iconic heart, a Desmo

powerplant that is governed by just the right amount of digital influence, and that growls and catapults, the legendary last Chromoly German tubing trellis frame in only the way that the experience rider choses to ride without weird computers and servos doing

unannounced unnatural intrusive actions but delivering instantly crazy explosions of unlimited yet measured delicious low torque that old school Desmo riders such as my self love to have at our disposal.


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